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Sports injuries

Osteopaths treat all forms of injuries - be it a sore big toe to an aching finger. Our osteopath Bronwyn is an Advanced Practitioner in Exercise Rehabilitation (Tertiary) - Bronwyn has done extra study in sport science and exercise rehabilitation, she is one of the 5 osteopaths in Australia titled as this practitioner! 


Osteopaths look above and below - we look into your history, your lifestyle and mechanics to figure out what has happened and why it has happened. We work with sprained ankles and knee pain as well as shoulder issues and wrist pain. We work everywhere for all age groups. Our osteopaths also work with children and teenagers, so if you have an active little one,  or you notice differences with them with their actions, we can assess them and see what needs to be done if it's a strength issue, or a growing pain. Please note this is for 3 year olds and older, we can refer you to the correct practitioner if your child is under 3 years old.

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