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TMJ jaw pain

Jaw issues are one of our favourite areas to treat! The TMJ has two roles - to glide down and roll forward to open. The muscles surrounding our mouth are constantly in use - for talking, breathing, smiling and eating of course. Clenching our jaw is a stress mechanism - some people may be day time clenchers or overnight. Bruxism or grinding is where you are actually damaging your teeth.  


Osteopathic treatment will look into the links of your neck, shoulders, upper back as well as the muscles of your face and jaw to help alleviate jaw pain and any associated discomfort like headaches. Sometimes our practitioner may work inside your jaw to address those muscles (with gloves!). Addressing stressful issues will also be important in management for TMJ issues. Osteopaths work very well with dental related issues and assist dentists frequently for these types of injuries.

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