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Shoulder pain

Shoulder impingement including rotator cuff tendinopathy or bursitis is a common shoulder complaint.


The shoulder is a complex joint - It sacrifices its stability to be mobile. There may be a handful of reasons WHY your shoulder may be painful, This might be job related, or a specific injury to the shoulder joint, or overuse as we get older. There may be a 20+ year old footy injury in there too that's just never been “quite right”. Looking at the cause, and fixing the postural mechanics, allowing freer movement of the shoulder, back and neck is what your osteopath will look at.


Common presentations are pain overhead, trouble sleeping on that side, pain with general tasks like getting dressed/putting on jackets/washing hair. 


Shoulder issues are like a “friction rub”. Something isn't happy there, causing inflammation and pinching type pains. We can help to reduce your pain, but if you dont address WHAT and WHY there is rubbing, the issue may continue.


Your osteopath will ask you lots of questions, assess the shoulder and surrounding joints, provide manual therapy to help calm down some of that pain and come up with an appropriate rehab program to help strengthen the shoulder blade to help the shoulder joint. We will refer for imaging as necessary and any extra medication needed will be discussed as per each presentation.

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