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RSI- Repetitive strain injury

RSI stands for repetitive strain injury. This can be in various parts of the body and more commonly would attribute to tendon/tendinopathy pain.  You can have RSI in the wrist or thumb if you are a tradie, mum, knitter, hairdresser, typer (or osteopath!). Repetitive sports like golf or tennis or holding power tools may lead to this type of pain. 


RSI means you are repeating a task constantly without much rest. 


Your osteopath will look at your postural position, what tasks you need to do, and how we make this better for you.  Treatment involves loosening up the sore parts, improving the range of motion here, and then working on a targeted and individualised rehab program to strengthen the surrounding area to make sure this does not recur.   Tendons respond well to loading. Rest doesn't always fix things. Our management approach will work with you for the best loading amount for your tendons.

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