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Pregnancy related pain including pelvic girdle pain (PRPGP)

Osteopathy treatment is very safe during all stages of pregnancy and postpartum. The body changes a lot over 9 months + beyond with a changing centre of gravity from tummy and chest shape with feeding, and hormones changing at various stages of pregnancy  Some parents might also have other children at home that are younger and you still need to be a mum with lifting, carrying and cuddling. 


Osteopathic treatment can help with pregnancy related issues including wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb pain from lifting, back and neck pain from feeding and carrying, and postural related body changes. Plantar fascia and foot/calf pain can also occur during pregnancy. 


Pelvic girdle pain arises from changes with ligaments supporting the pelvis during pregnancy. Hormonal changes as you change trimesters and increase in relaxin hormone can mean the ligaments around your hips can be a bit “looser”. Pain into this area can affect pubic bone, and low back. Your osteopath can help to make you feel more comfortable and give you strategies for managing your pain and discomfort levels. 

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