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Tendinopathy is an overuse injury where the tendon is usually repeatedly strained until tiny tears form. This may be in the wrist, knee, shin, heel or shoulder. 


Tendons are where the muscle attaches to bone. They usually occur from a change in load i.e. doing too much too soon, or a change in surface i.e. running on concrete, soft grass, sand or change in footwear - footy boots, old runners, flip flops.


Overuse of this area tractions the tendon against the bone and inflammation occurs. Inflammation is usually an acute process (4-6 weeks) however sometimes tendinopathies we leave for a few months and they can turn more chronic (6 weeks + duration). 


Typically - pain is sore at the start, exercising the pain seems to alleviate, and then you get pain on rest when you are cool. Pain initially can be “severe or sharp” and then if left untreated can turn into a “dull ache” after a few weeks, that doesn't go away. 


Management approaches can involve medications (as discussed with your GP or osteopath). For most - it's a load management strategy as rest doesn't change pain levels.


  • Acute injuries - isometric exercises until load is tolerated

  • Eccentric loaded exercises when you graduate off isometrics

  • Sport specific training IE - sprinting/stopping for hamstring pain


Progressive loading is key. Too much and you will reaggravate your injury, not enough and your healing is limited. Our osteopaths will work closely with you to get your goals, and pain relief whilst taking into account your lifestyle factors and any medical considerations. 

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