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Lower back pain,
including disc injury

Low back pain affects 70-90% of our population. Most cases of low back pain can resolve in a few weeks. Some forms of low back pain may last for a few months, but with a good exercise rehabilitation regime this can be well managed. 


Osteopathy treatment will look towards the WHY 

- why have you got back pain, 

- what has happened for this to occur and 

- how do we manage this complaint. 


Treatment is tailored to your specific needs whether that's returning to gardening, picking up your children or grandchildren, or sitting for longer than 30 minutes without pain.


Whilst back pain can seem scary, less than 1% of cases are of serious nature, which your osteopath will be able to refer you as necessary. Generally for most people it can be quite painful with muscle spasm and restriction, and treatment is gentle - providing a decrease in muscle guarding and increase in joint movement. Heat relief, some medication if needed and gentle exercise will help. Imaging and GP input if required will be discussed as per each presentation.

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