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Neck pain

Neck pain can be quite painful - we forget how much we need our neck until we can’t use it! It can be scary to hurt a neck, but in most cases, muscle guarding, muscle spasm and neck restriction can occur initially and with osteopathic treatment your pain will decrease over the following weeks to help you stay moving.


Treatment involves soft tissue work, gentle joint movement, strengthening and stretching. We try to figure out your trigger for neck pain and help towards creating a management plan to keep it from recurring. Sometimes this might be a build up of little things - like prolonged desk work, poor workplace ergonomics, increased stressful lifestyle that on one particular day your neck decides to flare up! Or it may be from something acute like a movement action and you feel your neck crink.


Heat relief generally can help quite well, as well as gentle movement/exercise working within a pain free threshold. Your osteopath can help you with neck pain and any subsequent headaches that may occur due to this in a safe manner.

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