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Anytime, anywhere access to our
Online Rehab Hub.

Our Online Rehab Hub is easy to use and shows:

  • Free tips, advice and recommendations for health and well being

  • Stretching and mobility exercises

  • Introduction exercises to give you a taste of what our subscription platform is all about


The Online Rehab Hub platform is available to all. We want our community to be healthy and stay moving!

We have our subscription platform for beginner/intermediate and advanced upper and lower body Pilates based rehab. These videos are 10 minutes duration, ideally 3x videos performed (30 minutes duration). The platform has over 36 videos available.

Contact Bronwyn at for more information or check out info below for pricing and structure.


Upper and lower body based rehab for those injured or beginning their rehab journey


Upper and lower body based rehab for challening the beginner levels safely and effectively.


Upper and lower based Rehab. Great for advanced or pain free individuals/cross training

free rehabilitation videos

Check out our free resources for general mobility and advice on our Online Rehab Hub

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