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Hip pain

Sore hips? There are many reasons for hip pain. This can be coming from your back or your hip joint. Sometimes people feel pain more in the front of the hip and sometimes people feel pain in the buttock region. 


There may be many conditions for hip pain including osteoarthritis, or disc injury into the back. Trochanteric bursitis or impingement. Pain may be aggravated by sitting or be quite uncomfortable to lie on that side at nighttime.  Our lifestyles are very sedentary now - we sit or sleep for up to 80% of our day! Standing desks, getting moving every hour and sometimes pillows between the knees for sleeping can help to alleviate hip pain.


Your osteopath will give a thorough assessment, looking at the feet as well as the neck to assess what's going on with your pelvis, hip and low back region.

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