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Postural complaints

Worried about your posture? For us - there's no such thing as “perfect posture.”  The BEST posture is your “NEXT posture” ie - we sit too long, so getting up and moving is the best thing for you!


Ergonomics at the workplace can contribute as we spend a lot of time in these positions, however this is something we believe that correcting through manual therapy wont fix - but we can alleviate the symptoms for you to get strong to fix yourself. You might be experiencing headaches, back pain, neck pain - we can help with this, but to keep these things from recurring you need to be strong yourself - with whatever activity you enjoy doing - golf, swimming, weights, pilates, movement is the key!!


Posture is a contentious issue - Having a strong “core” - tummy, back, bottom and shoulders, can help sit us up better. Our body is constantly fighting gravity. We start the day the tallest we will be, then at the end of the day we are actually a few cm shorter!  We need to work to fight this - by having a strong body we are doing the best thing for us. Wearing good shoes, standing more than sitting, and then sitting when needing to if you stand a lot, is all important to help with postural issues. Yes posture contributes to pain, but our belief is posture does not CAUSE your pain.

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