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What types back pain am I experiencing?

Back pain can be categorised based on various factors, including the duration of the pain, the underlying cause, and the location of the pain. Here are some common types of back pain:

  • Acute Back Pain:

  • Acute back pain is sudden and typically lasts for a short duration, often a few days to a few weeks.

  • It can result from muscle strains, ligament sprains, or injuries and is usually related to a specific event or activity.

  • It can also be a build up of small (standard) activities like household chores, gardening, playing with kids - however something else has changed that has made someone stressed, tired, unwell, and these small tasks have caused the back to “twinge”

  • Chronic Back Pain:

  • Chronic back pain persists for an extended period, generally defined as lasting for more than three months.

  • It may be caused by underlying medical conditions, structural issues, or a combination of factors.

  • Radicular Pain:

  • Radicular pain, (for example sciatica) occurs when a nerve root is compressed or irritated, causing pain that radiates along the nerve pathway.

  • This type of pain often travels down the leg (for lower back pain) or down the arm (for neck pain) and can be accompanied by numbness, tingling, or weakness.

  • This type of back pain can heal, with appropriate guidance from your osteopath and doctor for further referral for imaging or medication or specialist input if needed.

  • Referred Pain:

  • Referred pain occurs when pain in one part of the body is felt in another. For example, pain from internal organs may be felt in the back.

  • Kidney stones, for instance, can cause referred pain in the lower back, and period pain can refer to the lower back.

Back pain can be affected by psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or depression.

Emotional stress can contribute to or exacerbate physical pain in the back.

It's essential to identify the specific type of back pain and its underlying cause for effective treatment. If you experience persistent or severe back pain, consulting with your osteopath or doctor is recommended to determine the most appropriate course of action for your individual situation. The team at Burwood Osteo & Rehab can help


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