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What happens during a treatment?

Ever wonder what an Osteo treatment entails?

We take a thorough case history. We ask questions about your lifestyle - your occupation, hobbies, family duties and medical history, to get an understanding as to WHY your injury has occurred.

A lot of very useful information comes out of our history taking, so we might ask some interesting questions as your practitioner starts to figure out the puzzle of your injury and pain, so we can best educate YOU on how you can look after YOURSELF in the future.

Some questions that might seem odd may be like

"Have you had any dental work done,"

"How long are you in the car for?"

"Do you co-sleep with your kids?"

"Do you have any other medical conditions like Diabetes?"

The answers to these types of questions lets us understand how your body can heal, what your stress levels are like and has your body been in positions for susstained periods of time.

Our questions may be subtle but we are also looking out for any "red flags" and the type of things you say yes or no to indicate to us whether we need any other input from your GP.

Detectives we are! So we can help you!


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