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Stress and Injuries

Injured yourself and you don't know why?

Woke up in the morning and felt sore?

We generally don't hurt ourselves sleeping. Its usually something you did the day/week before that may have been quite normal, but for other reasons - lack of sleep, getting run down, poor eating habits, cracked lips, sore throats and burning the candle (especially in December!) can all of a sudden make a normal movement into something more problematic.

We forget how much stress plays a role in our recovery.

We don't realise how much we hold onto stress until something happens to us - an injury, a virus, a blocked nostril, a mistake of a normal task, feeling scatterbrained, or locking yourself out of your house (guilty!)

Stress is the biggest part of injury management. Good sleep, hydration, healthy eating, no smoking and no drinking all place our body in the best position.

You may be doing everything else as per normal, but when we are stressed our daily tasks are harder. You might not notice this for a few weeks or months or even until the stressor has been removed to realise how much in hindsight stress has affected you.

In some cases, that stressor cannot be removed (family, health, financial reasons) but we can tolerate our stress better, if we find avenues to help ourselves manage and cope.

You can't pour from an empty cup.

Look after yourself.

Your body whispers until it yells.

Listen to your body, we are here for when its shouting!


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