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Habit Stacking

Its already mid February! Wild... but we are big believers in starting habits in February, when life becomes more real!

This is when the year is getting set up, we are still having longer and warmer days, and where habits are formed and built. When the discipline comes in.

Habit stacking is a great way to improve on something - add your new habit to something you already do! For example if you want to start a new walking or running routine, then leave your clothes out at the end of your bed the night before. Or if you want to add some balance exercises in then stand on one leg when you brush your teeth. - Add it to something you naturally do in your day to day and see the habits form.

Other examples might be leaving your runners at the door when you come home so you immediately go for a lap of the block after work, or in work from home life - go for a walk with your coffee in a keep cup and get the steps up this way. Other habits can include journalling for 1-2 minutes once you've put your phone on charge, or to do your breathing/mindfulness exercises in the shower (steam helps!).

Eliminate the barriers, create the change and sustain the patterns.


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