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How much do you sit?

We forget how sedentary our lives can actually be...

Its not just sitting for the 9-5 grind, but possibly our lunch breaks, relaxing at home on the couch and commuting! Before you know it, 70% of our day is sitting or sedentary activity.

Back and hip pain can be aggravated by constant sitting and/or lack of movement during the day. That's why we want you to move every hour! (Or every 30 minutes ideally but we will take what we can get!!)

Try these changes to your day:

  • If you're not on camera during a video call then take the call standing or walking

  • Wiggle in your seat for some back movements - seated variations on cat/cow and childs pose are our favourites!

  • Seated glute or bottom stretching is also wonderful and easy to implement to your sitting day, especially if you suffer from stiff hips and low back pain

  • Do a quick lap of the block at the end of your work day if you are working remotely. This helps to psychologically separate work tasks from home tasks. Its been shown that the action of "closing a door" can be really cathartic for leaving work at work, and starting home based activities.

Give these a go!


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