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Overhead movements painful? Difficulty lying on your side? The shoulder is a complex joint!

Overhead movements causing you pain? Trouble lying on your side at night or waking up from pain? The shoulder is a complex joint. It sacrifices it sacrifices it's stability for mobility.

There may be a handful of reasons as to WHY your shoulder may be painful. Looking at the cause, and fixing the postural mechanics of the shoulder and upper back will help allow freer movement.

Common presentations are pain overhead, trouble sleeping on that side, or pain with general daily tasks such as getting dressed/washing your hair etc.

Shoulder issues are like a "friction rub." Something isn't happy in there, causing inflammation and "pinching" type pains. We can help to reduce pain, but if you don't address WHAT and WHY there is rubbing, the issue may continue.

Your #burwoodosteopath will ask you lots of questions, assess the shoulder and surrounding joints, manual therapy to help calm down some of the pain, and with an appropriate rehab program - help to strengthen the shoulder blade position to allow space in the shoulder joint.

Give us a shout out if you need some help.

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Osteopathy is a safe and effective form of manual therapy which focuses on the treatment of your muscles, joints, nerves and restores the body to "balance."

Our experienced osteopath takes the time to not only treat, but to figure out the "WHY" of your injury. We believe this is integral to your recovery.



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