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5 Stretches for low back pain

Stretches for low back pain are very simple and effective tools to help alleviate back pain symptoms. Your local Burwood Osteopath can help see if these are correct for you. Hold each for about 15-30 seconds or until you feel the body relax.

1. Childs pose

Childs pose can be done in a variety of positions (on ground, against chair, against door handle), all still try to decompress/traction the spine

2. Cat and Cow stretch

Using your sternum as a guide, curling into a ball then LIFT from the chest x1 - here's a variation for the desk!

3. Glute stretching.

Our glutes are the strongest muscle in the body, We have 3 glute muscles + another strong hip external rotator - piriformis. Different ranges of motion affect all 4 muscles.

  1. Figure 4 stretch seated.

  2. Variation - hug the knee to opposite shoulder - gets glute med/min muscles.

4. Low back muscle stretching (QL stretching).

Variation - sitting, forearm to the ground, reaching hands up and over and leaning slightly forward to get low back muscles.

5. Low back mobility exercises

(warm up movements in the morning/before bed)

  1. Knees side to side x10

  2. Knees to chest x 10

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at Burwood Osteo & Rehab.


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