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Tennis and golfer's elbow

January in Melbourne only means one thing! Summer activities - Aussie Open time and rounds of golf.

But did you know - tennis elbow (or golfers elbow on the inside) is not always due to these sports? Tenderness over the elbow bone and forearm can come from overuse or “RSI” of the forearm muscles. This might be the inside elbow (golfers elbow/medial epicondylitis) or the outside elbow (tennis elbow/lateral epicondylitis). Overuse of the forearm muscles can particularly come from workplace ergonomics. Having an appropriate workplace set up is integral to helping this heal efficiently. Keyboard, mouse position, desk height, laptop or monitor height + chair set up can play a big part. You can send us your photos of your desk position so we can assess what minor changes may need to happen. Gentle stretching, soft tissue treatment + strengthening can help with elbow pain, as well as measures like bracing and postural positions that your osteopath will discuss if this is needed for you. Getting on top of elbow pain early helps! We forget how much we use our arms until we can't!


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