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What is a muscle knot and how can I relieve it?

One of our most commonly asked questions is “What is a muscle knot?” followed by “How can I relieve it?” Muscle knots are taut bands of muscle that can feel sensitive when pressed (also known as myofasical trigger points). They may give off a referral type pain pattern away from the area if highly sensitive and can occur almost anywhere in the body.

They occur commonly - however common isn't normal!

Muscle knots are contracted bands of muscle as a response to a tight, restricted or injured area. Your body is actually trying to protect itself by limiting your movement! - This is also known as muscle guarding.

Whilst you can help alleviate your symptoms of tight muscles by using a foam roller/massage ball at home, or self massage the area to help relieve the pain, finding out the reason WHY the body made this protective mechanism is key to releasing the muscle - which is where our local Burwood Osteopaths can help.

Home based measures of using a massage ball, foam roller, stretching, exercise and heat packs are wonderful interim measures. They work on modulating the pain receptors in our brains, making it easier for our body to recognise this as “non threatening pain” and trying to reduce the knot’s intensity. By increasing blood flow to the area via these techniques, there is more oxygen to the muscle and the blood system will recirculate the inflammatory bi - products back to the heart to be filtered. The body will feel less in a state of defense, and more relaxed.

When these interim measures fall short, that’s when you should give Burwood Osteo & Rehab a call. Your body still needs some help for pain relief, and it may be a postural or biomechanical reason as to why its causing these knots.


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