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The wonderful powers of Olive Leaf Extract

It seems like our winter has been going on forever! With a chilly start to May, and with some eased restrictions compared to last year, we might be feeling a little sniffly and prone to colds as we venture out and about a little more, or return back to the office and school life. (Assuming we've got the all clear from CV-19 of course!)

Have you heard of Olive Leaf Extract?

Olive Leaf Extract has been shown to be an effective natural immune support supplement, which has been used for thousands of years. Those that live in the Mediterranean region have long used olive tree leaves as part of their diet and traditional medicine.

It has amazing anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties to help us combat those nasty bugs! It works to interact with the protein of the virus, and reduce its ability to infect us. Olive Leaf Extract works to relieve coughs, colds, sore throats and to help to reduce fevers. Not only does it assist our immune system, it also has the following extra benefits: *improving cardiovascular health *lowering cholesterol *lowering blood pressure. *reducing inflammation and arthritic pains Whilst different from influenza (the flu) and coronaviruses; common colds and aches can be well managed with olive leaf to help you return to your best! *Always check with your pharmacist/GP if this is appropriate for you. *Any signs of cough, fever, sore throat, chills please get tested for CV-19


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