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Adapting to easing restrictions

As restrictions ease, adapting to life after lockdown may feel hard. Here are some things to help you manage:

  • Go easy on yourself - this new period will require some adjustments and that's OK!

  • Decide what lockdown habits you want to keep. - some habits may be healthy (hello lockdown runners and walkers!) and maybe some need to be reduced like alcohol content. This may not have been a bad time for some, so deciding what is and is not important in your life is a great time to reflect and change things that don't serve you.

  • Stay positive and challenge negative thoughts - question the basis behind your thoughts and assumptions rather than letting them dictate how you feel.

  • Be prepared - set aside time to organise your calendar so you don't feel overwhelmed

  • Stay connected - Reach out to family and friends and talk honestly about how you're feeling

  • Breathe. Relaxation techniques can help when things seem overwhelming like coming into a crowd of people at a park or entering a restaurant for the first time. Square breathing is a great way to help keep the heart rate down - breathing in for 5 seconds, holding for 5 seconds, exhaling for 5 seconds.


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