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Top 3 best walking spots near Burwood East!

We know how good it is to be outdoors! These are our favourite walking and cycling spots for the whole family!

Damper Creek trail

Nostaligically this path was where my family used to walk to feed the ducks when we were little! Its a great way to have a little escape in the busy burbs! Its only 450m from our clinic!

Ballyshannassy Park

A wonderful off lead dog park with local sporting teams on weekends, a wonderful greenspace for our community. Only 350m from our clinic!

Gardeners Creek Trail

A personal fave, you might see me on this path - head towards Deakin University or towards Ashburton and the city, a delightful and peaceful walk and easy cycle area and only 2km (down!) the hill from us.

As we always say - stay moving!


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