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Pain between the shoulders? Could be rib pain.

That pesky pain under the shoulder blade? Or feels like someone's stabbing you with a knife? When you turn your head and get an ache in your mid back? Yep, that's probably a rib issue! Ribs come allllll the way to the back and are often the forgotten culprit

Our rib cage has quite a few important functions!

  • It's our knight in shining armour- it's our protector of all things vital.

  • It assist us with breathing (also integral!)

  • connects the shoulder girdle to the body (pretty integral)

  • has our sympathetic nervous system (SNS or the "fight" nerves) ganglions near the rib heads (in overdrive for most #2020lyf)

  • has verrry essential muscle attachments - Neck, shoulder, low back and tummy and hip flexor muscles are all attached via the rib cage.

Rib injuries can be so acutely painful (that "stabbing pain") or the longer term postural strain ("chicken wing" special)

A lot of our daily tasks involve our arm forward and out (like a chicky wing - cue the chicken dance!) - holding laundry, lifting kids, housework, mouse and desk work you name it! Due to reduced shoulder blade strength and control, this means our ribs and muscles are getting pulled forward with these postures and can give that achiness around the mid back.

I could go on for ages with the ribs! They're such a powerhouse area especially with it's neural supply and respiratory pump of breathing.

Get it looked to. They're annoying and painful injuries, that osteos are greaaaaat at treating these!


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