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Burwood Osteo & Rehab is an allied health osteopathy and injury rehabilitation clinic.

We service the Burwood, Ashburton, Blackburn, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, Vermont and Box Hill areas.

Why see an Osteopath?

Osteopaths look at the "WHY." 

We want to know what and why things have happened. We look above and below an area as well as understanding your lifestyle factors for the mechanisms of your injury.

Injuries may be similar - but everybody is different, and everybody has a different healing mechanism.

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Osteopathy treatment aims to understand your back pain, mechanisms of injury and how to treat it.

shoulder pain

Treatment is tailored and individualised for your shoulder pain to help you stay moving.

Neck pain

We try to figure out your trigger for neck pain and help towards creating a management plan to keep it from recurring.


Osteopathy treatment can help with many musculoskeletal complaints,

however as we know - treatment doesn't stop when you leave the table. 

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